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Jarrod Levi Autterson was lovingly called a “Gentle Giant” by his friends and family. True, his physique was quite large and powerfully built… maybe intimidating to most people, but what he possessed was a warm and sincere heart. That’s what made him so big to all of us. Jarrod had compassion for everyone in this world, and touched the lives of many. Jarrod’s laughter seemed to be contagious and his presence was always calming. He was a good kid.

Very sadly December 1, 2004, at the young age of 23, Jarrod left this world. While residing at a sober living home, Called “THE SAFE HOUSE”. Roommates had brought drugs into the residence. Later on Jarrod was discovered deceased from a heroin overdose. Unfortunately, his sober living home housed him and others in an illegal shed out in the backyard…unsupervised, and much too far out to hear his last gasping breaths.

JarrodsLaw.org is dedicated to making sure that this type of incident never happens again in another sober living home. We can do this by making sure that sober living homes are licensed and regulated by the city in order to protect the community and their residents. At the very least managers should be required to be trained in first aid and all sober living homes should have Narcan a defibrillator on site with monthly with random narcotic dogs searches. As Jarrod’s Mom, I am dogged and determined to create legislation that has real teeth in it.

We want to pay tribute to Jarrod, and do this by starting an online guestbook in his honor. We encourage you to please post up your message to Jarrod, or send your prayers of hope to his family. You may also feel free to share your story of struggle, hope, and insight.

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